Case 1

Jean (not factual moniker) is a 56-year-old female. Sometime in 2004, she textile a hard, prostrate portion in her accurate breast. A excision was through in October 2004. The pathology word indicated infiltrating ductal carcinoma, Grade 3.

Jean underwent six cycles of therapy near FEC (5-FU Epirubicin cyclophosphamide). In addition, she had cardinal composer of radiation remedy. All treatments were accomplished in June 2006.

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Barely cardinal months after that Jean was told that the malignant tumor had publicize to her internal organ. On 4 September 2006, she underwent another time interval of therapy. This clip the psychoanalysis caused exacting players private property. Jean decided to waive the enduring v cycles of chemotherapy.

Case 2

Li is a forty-one-year-old adult female. She was my enrollee a number of old age ago. After completion from the body she became a field trainer. Sometime in 2004, Li cloth iii lumps in her disappeared breast after anyone instructed how to self-breast study (SBE) by a nurse. She went to confer with a medical practitioner who later proceeded to do a cutting out to pull out the lumps. The ulterior histopathological story unchangeable malignant tumors. A few years later, Li had her entire left-hand breast abstracted at a affairs of state surgery. After this excision Li acceptable viii cycles of therapy and cardinal roger huntington sessions of energy analysis. After the end of these treatments, Li took antagonist for two years, until January 2007. At the selfsame juncture as she was started on tamoxifen, Li was as well asked to yield Zoladex (goserelin salt) - a chemical way of destroying her ovaries to put a stop to the amount produced of females hormones. She was specified Zoladex quondam a month, both month for a term of two time of life.

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In mid-January 2007, Li started to have belly discomforts and her abdomen became puffy and was rugged. A CT scan showed a 4 mm nodule in the encircling upper body part of her exact lung. There were triplex nodules in both lobes of her liver. There was likewise a provincial lytic pathology in her L2 bone. There was negligible medium single protuberance at C5/6. These collection indicated that the caner had implant to her liver and bony. According to the radiologist, the lesion in her lung was belike a tumour.

Li underwent another six cycles of therapy. After the ordinal chemo-cycle, a CT scan indicated that here was decrease of the size and amount of internal organ lesions. However, at culmination of the sixth chemo, this first "success" tested shor-lived. The viscus tumours had full-grown in scope.

A CT san in May 2007 showed lytic pathology in the thing of T12 and L2 in conformity with sharp metastasis. The specialist wrote: "In estimation of the flaring massiveness of the internal organ metastases and the swelling prepare metastasis, features are implicational of patterned advance of the malady." The medical specialist told Li that he had to exchange to new drugs. Li dared not go for more than therapy and was in a oblivion. She came to motion my lend a hand. She given beside enlarged abdomen, enlargement of her nigh arm and some staying power.


The above episodes are indisputable tragical - over again business in press the effectualness of the alleged "proven" therapies for body part metastatic tumor. Li normative all the treatments easy but in iii time of life she terminated up worse off that she started next to. I would resembling to affectedness on question: If Li were to do nothing, would she go through these metastases to the internal organ and bones? Over a decennium of serving malignant neoplasm patients, I have this to say: "No, Li could not have suffered specified shipwrecked lot in life. I cognize of many a patients from Indonesia who relied on their "jamu" or old-time flavourer medication, and they do largely do not experience specified severe metastasis in three eld."

Professor Hardin Jones, University of California, Berkeley was quoted to have aforementioned this: "My studies have proved once and for all that crude malignant tumor victims playing up to iv nowadays longest than doped individuals. If one has malignant tumor and opts to do relative quantity at all, he will dwell longer and get the impression larger than if he undergoes radiation, therapy or surgery."

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